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Tallassee Parks & Recreation
450 Gilmer Avenue
Tallassee, AL 36078

Phone: (334) 283-4726
Fax: (334) 283-4726


The Recreation Connection
"Strengthening Families Through Community Recreation"

Mission statement: To be a community-centered organization that provides for the recreational activities of all the citizens of Tallassee in a safe, clean and fun environment.

July 28,2014

Soccer registration will begin August 11-August 29 at Recreation Department with a tentative season begin on Sept 22. Cost is $45. Games will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Church Coed Volleyball registration will be held at Recreation Department September 22, 2014 through October 3. Tentative begin date will be October 7. Fee is $110 per team.

Wrestling registration will be held at Recreation Department September 29-October 17. More details TBA.

Coming soon to Recreation Department for ages 45 and up : Pickle-ball is played with a paddle on a court and is a cross between badminton, tennis, and ping-pong.
Basic Overview

Pickle-ball® is played on a badminton-sized court: 20’ x 44.’ The ball is served diagonally (starting with the right-hand service-square), and points can only be scored by the side that serves. 

Players on each side must let the ball bounce once before volleys are allowed, and there is a seven-foot no-volley zone on each side of the net, to prevent “spiking.” The server continues to serve, alternating service courts, until he or she faults. The first side scoring eleven points and leading by at least two points wins. Pickle-ball® can be played with singles or doubles.

Pool hours are Monday-Saturday from 1pm-5pm.  Daily admission $3.  Swimming Pool rental fee is $150.00 for 2 hours (plus lifeguards) 2 per 50 people $20/hr. Pool closes for season July 31.             


Registration, membership fees and facility use fees


Tiny Tots Basketball     $25.00                     
T-Ball                          $40.00  

Soccer                        $45.00                     
Swim Team                   $45.00 for first 2 siblings and $35 for each additional sibling                      
Adult Volleyball          $110.00/team            
Adult Softball               $450.00 per team     
Church Basketball          $125.00 per team, plus umpire fees          
Swim Lessons               $65.00 Levels 1-7 and $55 for Tiny   
Wrestling                       $70.00    
Archery                          $40                     


Basketball Courts         $200-2 hours (Recreation Center)
Pavilion                       $40 for 2 hours    
Gazebo                        $15.00 for 2 hours
Swimming Pool          $150.00 for 2 hours        (plus lifeguards) 2 per 50 people $20/hr           
Swimming Pool          $3.00 per day              
Field Rental for tournament       $175 per day per field (includes use of lights at night)
Field Rental at night      $30 for 2 hours (lights)
Activity Room              $50 for 2 hours (small room) and $75 for (large room)

Recreation Center Memberships

Recreation Basketball Cards     $15.00 per year
Weight\cardio room                    $75.00 per year
Senior (62 plus)                          $65
College and Military—(6 month or less) $10 per month
Out o
f town Day Pass               $2  


Park Board meetings are scheduled for second Thursday of alternate (odd) months at 6pm Seven Gables.

**Dates are tentative but this is scheduled date.

Social Security will no longer be coming to Tallassee, their website is   www.socialsecurity.gov or 800-772-1213.

Community Announcements
Funtastic Fort reservations for the pavilion or gazebo are made by calling the Recreation Department office at 283-4726. The fee for the pavilion is $40.00 for a 2 hours period and the fee for the gazebo is $15.00 for a 2 hour period, fees must be paid prior to the reservation date.



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